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with Anji Wylde

Private readings are one to one individual readings where I make a connection with the Spirit World for the sitter. In a private sitting you should receive good evidence from the person in Spirit. Good evidence for a spiritual reading is considered to include names, dates, gender, relationship to recipient, shared memories, physical descriptions, character and knowledge of recent events - to name but a few.

A private reading with any medium or psychic is mostly experimental and there is no way of knowing who may decide to communicate from the Spirit World. It is therefore not possible to guarantee that a private sitting will produce precise evidence or provide contact with any specific person.

A Spiritualist medium can only work with whoever chooses to communicate from the Spirit World and attempt to provide evidence of survival after death. I have a strong belief in the Spirit World and as a practicing Spiritualist I adhere to the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

A private sitting with me would last approximately half an hour, and depending on where you live, I can either travel to your home or you can make an appointment for a private reading at my house in Headless Cross, Redditch.

Please only give me your first name, and remember not to give me any personal details about yourself. I generally only do home visits in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, or we can make arrangements for you to visit my house in Redditch.


What to expect from a Medium

When having a private clairvoyant reading, some people expect a darkened room, a crystal ball, special cards or even a glass moving around a table. Although it is perfectly possible to conduct a reading or even a séance using such things, in the case of a clairvoyant reading all you really need is a medium.

A Spiritualist medium is a person who is able to tune into the spirit world. They may have a natural ability which has been developed to pick up on things using clairvoyance during a spiritual reading.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a french word that means "clear-vision" (clair-voyance), which is the ability to see pictures or form symbols in the mind. These images are given to the clairvoyant by spirits. The medium will then try and explain what they are seeing to the person who is having the reading.

In a clairvoyant reading it is impossible to call upon a specific person in the spirit world and bring them forward. Generally the spirits that do come forward are people who knew you when they were alive, but because a medium is only relaying messages of survival evidence from the other side, they are simply a means of communication and nothing more. Spirits only ever choose to come through in a clairvoyant reading, they can never be summonsed. It is much the same for a private reading as it is for a public message from a Spiritualist church platform. Although private sittings last far longer and are more specific and personal.

Ethics of Mediumship

Working for the spirit world brings great responsibility. Mediums have a moral and ethical responsibility to the recipient of the clairvoyant reading and to the spirit communicator. All communication with the spirit world is precious and it is the medium's job to work to the best of their ability giving clear, unembellished, accurate and concise information to the recipient coupled with an awareness of what is appropriate.

A clairvoyant should not agree to a reading with a person under the age of 18 or a person who shows any sign of being vulnerable. Likewise attempting to predict the future, diagnosing illnesses or giving relationship advice is not a clairvoyant's job, a medium is not a fortune teller. A good medium should be able to connect with spirit and provide good evidence of survival in the form of clear information about the spirit communicator and the recipient.

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