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Just some bits and pieces that we have collected along the way, including some editorial articles, publicity posters, evenings of clairvoyance, seances, charity events, photos and press cuttings.

Psychic News

Evening of Clairvoyance

Spirit Mediums Red Cross

Help 4 Heroes




Water Aid

Psychic Views

Haiti Appeal

Spiritualist Mediums


Billy Cook CSNU

Billy Cook and me - chilling at a mediumship seminar in Eastbourne.

Evening of Clairvoyance

Gordon Smith

My cousin Jo Allen, Gordon Smith and me.


Ghost Tour

Spiritual Medium

My old website

Redditch Spiritualist Church
Clairvoyant Medium
Anji Wylde

About Anji Wylde

A short biography, including how I developed as a medium.

Clairvoyant Cousins

Clairvoyant Cousins

My colleague on the platform and cousin in clairvoyance, Jo Allen.

Private Readings

Private Readings

How readings work and what to expect during a spiritual reading.