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Spiritualist Links

A collection of Spiritualist links, which include friends, Spiritualist churches, Spiritualist organisations and other useful resources.

Jo Allen
Jo Allen Worcestershire Medium

Stratford Spiritualist Church
Stratford-upon-Avon Spiritualist Church

The Spiritualists' National Union

Greater World
The Greater World

Harry Edwards
Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary


Spiritualist Mediums ~ Another one for the Clairvoyant Cousins.

Spiritualist Resources ~ Lots of information about Spiritualism. ~ Directory of psychics and mediums.

A huge thanks to Rachel Buckley for her photography skills, and thanks to Urb for all the typing.

Redditch ~ My home town in Worcestershire.

Clairvoyant Medium
Anji Wylde

About Anji Wylde

A short biography, including how I developed as a medium.

Clairvoyant Cousins

Clairvoyant Cousins

My colleague on the platform and cousin in clairvoyance, Jo Allen.

Private Readings

Private Readings

How readings work and what to expect during a spiritual reading.