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Clairvoyant Cousins

Clairvoyant Cousins

aka Jo Allen and Anji Wylde

Spiritualist mediums, Anji Wylde and Jo Allen regularly demonstrate their mediumship at Spiritualist churches, spiritual centres and theatres throughout the United Kingdom.

Nicknamed "The Clairvoyant Cousins" the girls are natural mediums who demonstrate quick-fire evidential mediumship, as well as teaching mediumship development. They are both CSNU (ds) award holders of the Spiritualists' National Union, and aim to provide evidence of life after death through spirit communication, and to help bring comfort and understanding over from the other side!

Clairvoyant Cousins
Jo Allen and Anji Wylde

They have trained under Gordon Smith and Billy Cook, whilst regularly serving at over 50 different churches across Britain. They are both available for private sitting, group sittings, demonstrations of mediumship, mediumship workshops and experimental mediumship work.

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Clairvoyant Cousins

Clairvoyant Medium
Anji Wylde

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Private Readings

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