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Anji Wylde

I am a Spiritualist clairvoyant medium based in Worcestershire and have demonstrated mediumship all over the UK and in Europe. I cannot in any way predict the future, but through clairvoyance I am able to make a link to communicate with the Spirit World, providing evidence that there is life after death; helping to comfort and reassure the bereaved with the knowledge that their loved ones are only a thought away.

As a practicing Spiritualist and clairvoyant medium I adhere to the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. I developed with the Spiritualists' National Union (the SNU is the legally recognised religious organisation for Spiritualism in the UK) and hold two Certificates of Recognition (CSNU) for evidential mediumship and for public speaking.

I regularly stand platform demonstrating mediumship in Spiritualist churches and centres around the Midlands. I also teach mediumship development and have run weekly development circles at both Bromsgrove and Redditch Spiritualist churches in Worcestershire. I am currently (2021) President of Redditch Spiritualist Centre, as well as being the President of the SNU West Midlands District Executive Committee.

A clairvoyant medium can never guarantee to connect with any single specific person who has passed over. However, a spiritual connection can be made, using clairvoyance, with someone who you knew. It could be immediate family, a friend or work colleague or someone you knew only briefly. Sometimes it can be someone who you would least expect to come through. But I always work hard to provide a good link with Spirit to bring forward spiritual messages, as opposed to a psychic reading.

Evenings of Clairvoyance & Private Readings

I am available for private readings, daytime or evening, please contact me to make an appointment.

An Experienced Medium

I have been a full time clairvoyant medium since 2007 and have demonstrated mediumship at over 50 churches and theatres around the UK and Europe. I am an award holder of the Spiritualists' National Union, CSNU (ds).

Reviews & Testimonials

I have a Reviews page with testimonials regarding my work as a medium, plus a Press page with editorials, press cuttings and promotional posters from various evenings of clairvoyance, church and charity events.

How Clairvoyants Work?

My private readings section explains what to expect from a private sitting with a clairvoyant. I also have a page that explains how to develop mediumship yourself.

Worcestershire Based

I am a Worcestershire / Redditch based clairvoyant medium. I mostly do spirit readings at my house in Headless Cross, but I am also able to travel.

Clairvoyant Medium
Anji Wylde

About Anji Wylde

A short biography, including how I developed as a clairvoyant.

Private Readings

Private Readings

How clairvoyant readings work and what to expect during a spiritual reading.


Mediumship Development

Developing mediumship - learn how to become a medium.